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Terms & Conditions

Purser Knight LTD T/A Apex Car Transport and Storage will be shown as “Apex” in the below terms and conditions.


Transport terms

Please note that all quotes and subsequent confirmed undertakings of works are subject to availability of dates. If agreed dates change or become unavailable then all work is subject to the discretion of Apex or its affiliates. 
All undertakings of work commence strictly from the point at which Apex or its affiliates dispatches transport to or from a destination. 
Some undertakings of work may require a deposit which is non-refundable after the point at which Apex or its affiliates dispatches transport to or from a destination. 
Agreement of a quote in writing constitutes a contract and, as such, can only be cancelled with 2 working days (Monday to Friday) written notice prior to the time that the transport is due to be dispatched or any other service that is to be provided by Apex or its affiliates is confirmed to commence. If cancellation is requested within 2 working days the full amount quoted will be charged.
Apex and its affiliates reserve the right to amend or vary the terms of its business at any time subject to informing the client in writing before any services provided are carried out.


Storage terms

Payment terms:

For long term storage we have a minimum 3 month period with the first 3 months paid upfront with every continuing month paid on the 1st by standing order.

For short term storage the invoice must be paid in advance unless an account is set up with Apex

All invoices must be settled before removal of car from storage.

Apex reserve the right to return at your expense the car to your nominated contact address if any payments have been missed



For long term storage we require 5 working days notice to remove the car from storage however we try to be as flexible as possible and will work with you if you need the car sooner.

For short term storage we require the removal date to be agreed in advance of storage.

We can arrange weekend and evening collections or deliveries but will need as much notice as possible.


Removal from storage:

If you would like to remove your car from storage we ask that this be done at the end of the calender month as there will be no refunds for unused storage time.

If your car is removed for a longer period of time your space will be held for aslong as monthly payments are made.

Apex reserve the right to offer any unpaid spaces to new customers.



All cars are covered by our fully comprehensive cover up to the value of £150,000 with increase of indemnity available at an agreed cost.

By Agreeing to any transport quote or storage of a vehicle by Apex you agree to the above Terms and Conditions

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