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Covered car transport is the secure option in moving your classic, vintage, prestige or super car.

Whether you've purchased a car, need it transporting to a show or moved for any other reason you will want to ensure it arrives at its destination in the same condition as when it left. Covered car transport allows you to be safe in the knowledge that this will happen.

Moving your car in an enclosed car transporter allows your pride and joy to be moved shielded from the damaging elements of mother nature. Rain, hail and snow can lead to rusting and corrosion and even sunlight can cause the fading and oxidation of paintwork.

Covered car transport can ensure none of the above occurs to your car while in transit. Using enclosed car transporters also ensures absolute privacy as some owners prefer their cars to be kept away from prying eyes and only to be seen on the road when they are driving them.

Covered car transport also ensures that no road debris is kicked up and causes stone chips to the cars paint or windows. The transporter acts as protection against any stones or road debris that may be thrown up towards your car. In short, secure, covered and enclosed car transport is the ideal way to move your classic car, super car, prestige car or race car from A to B.

Please get in touch and let us know if you have a special car where you need enclosed transportation, as it would be a pleasure to help.

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