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Why car storage with Apex?

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Classic, vintage, Specialist and Race cars are luxury, treasured possessions and they require special care. When not in use, they need to be stored somewhere ‒ and the garage at home may not be adequate. At Apex car transport and storage based on the Suffolk, Essex borders we can help!

When parked and unused, classic cars are vulnerable to two main threats theft, and deterioration through atmospheric conditions (notably damp) and lack of use. We offer a dry, fully insured, secure storage solution with CCTV and Redcare alarm system just outside Colchester Essex.

Owners might need storage if they are going away for a while, feel they need extra security, want to store their vehicle over winter in dry conditions, or simply need to keep a vehicle off the road for a period of time, some customers for example when they are moving house.

Apex Specialist car transport and storage offer transportation services, to pick up and deliver a vehicle using open or covered transporters, from and to homes, airports, ports and even abroad.

Apex also sell soft stretch car covers and battery conditioners

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