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Maintaining the paintwork of your car not only ensures that it looks its best but also preserves and protects the value. We have a specialist vehicle detailer on hand who can improve the appearance of your cars paintwork and trim. Dark colours particularly show swirls and scratches and these need careful attention but can be removed and improved dramatically.

Paintwork depth is measured to ensure a full understanding of  the amount of correction that can be achieved whilst still leaving enough depth for any future work that may be required

A variety of products are used and chosen for their specific qualities. Our detailer is accredited by both Siramik and Definitive Wax which gives us access to the best of both Ceramic Coatings and Wax. This includes both the Siramik APT and Diamas systems.

Some services can be carried out in house however we recommend transporting your car to our recommended detailer to have detailing and corrections applied.

Please contact us for a quote

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